Colored Integral Concrete

Website 2016.25Rather than the blinding color of fresh poured gray we’ll assist you in choosing a color that best compliments your home, office or landscape.  Especially for people on a tight budget let us discuss the benefits of coloring.

Integral color is the process of adding the desired color directly into the concrete truck during the mixing process. This leaves the finished product the desired color throughout the thickness of the concrete.

Color hardener is broadcasting color on top of freshly poured concrete masking the natural gray color with the color of your choice.

Image your walkway colored in rustic earth tones complimenting your landscape or your patio in a vibrant multicolored stone pattern.  Make your outdoor home as beautiful as your inside! Decorative concrete can be so uniquely designed that each project looks like one of a kind artwork. Often people do not realize they are standing on concrete.  Many homeowners prefer concrete driveways to asphalt not only because concrete requires less maintenance but because the concrete driveway has superior curb appeal.