Decorative Overlays


Interior or Exterior Floors  

At a fraction of the cost of the real materials Indy Decorative Concrete offers overlay applications that replica brick, granite, marble, slate, stone, tile and any pattern you can imagine.  With unlimited color combinations we can blend colors to match nature or something a little bolder to create a dramatic design.



20130817_103712Trowel Texture

As the name states trowel texture is achieved by applying the overlay product using a hand trowel. Color options include integral color, staining or both. The benefit of trowel texture over a stamp is that same basic look can be achieved using less product and that savings is passed to the customer by way of a lower cost.



spraySpray Texture

A hopper gun is used to accomplish spray texture overlays. Stencils can be used for a uniform pattern or many times tape is used for a custom design. Typically integral color is used with spray textures. The benefit of a spray texture is that the finished product offers outstanding traction control.



stampStamped Texture

Stamped texture is always a favorite.  Our cementitious material is applied at ¼ – ½ inch over existing slabs then a rubber stamp is used to achieve the desired texture and that thickness eliminates the need to tear out and replace.  There are dozens of rubber stamp designs to choose from and more than one can be used to achieve a specific look such as stone with a brick border. The stamp application helps reveal rich visual depth unique to concrete due to the amount of product used for the impression.

Integral color, stained or both are used and more product is needed when stamping. The benefit of the stamped texture is it offers a more natural look. This polymer modified coating is actually stronger and more durable than conventional concrete that can be colored and textured in hundreds of combinations.


41 (3)Stencils

A stencil can be used for a uniform pattern or many times tape is used for a custom design. We offer many different patterns and borders using a heavy paper stencil.

Stenciled concrete gives the appearance of real stone, tile or brick without the higher installation costs and maintenance. Stenciled concrete leaves a flat and even surface.