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Is your Basement Flooded? You can finally rest easy knowing that with quality decorative concrete, your days of cleaning up your flooded basement are over! With Decorative Concrete your basement can look beautiful and keep water free.

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Interior – Basements, Foyers, and Flooring

The recent heavy rainfalls in Indianapolis have damaged the existing flooring in many local area basements. We have received many calls from homeowners looking for the best interior flooring solutions. Choosing appropriate flooring can be difficult when they are needing to withstand the extremely heavy rain falls that we have been receiving. The biggest issue in almost any basement is, of course, unwanted moisture.

Here are a few problems with traditional flooring options

  • Tile Flooring – Moisture can seep in from below through the concrete and break or “pop” the adhesive used for tiles.
  • Hardwood or Laminate – These will warp and buckle due to the added moisture. Severe damage can occur within hours of getting flooded.
  • Carpet – Mold, Mildew, Bad Odor, Extremely difficult to clean and etc.
  • Painting – Moisture seeps in behind the paint and allows for chipping and cracking of the paint.

The best alternative to for your flooded basement is a stained concrete floor. There are hundreds of designs, colors and options from which to choose.

Added Benefits of Decorative Concrete floors in basements

  • Unlimited Possibilities of Design and Colors – Allows for your basement to match the decor of your residence.
  • Long Lasting – Concrete products have more longevity as a flooring than any other type of floor. Carpet, tile and wood floors will need replaced, within years.
  • Mold, Mildew and Allergens will be totally removed from your basement flooring. Concrete does not support the growth of toxic mold.
  • Stamped Concrete Texture
    Once your basement has been sealed and prepared, guaranteeing a water free basement, our concrete material is applied at ¼ – ½ inch over existing concrete flooring and then a rubber stamp is applied giving the desired texture and thickness eliminating the need to tear out your old flooring and replace with new. There are dozens of designs to choose from and you can even combine patterns to achieve a specific look such as stone with a brick border. The stamp application helps reveal rich visual depth unique to concrete due to the amount of product used for the impression.

    Stained Concrete
    After your basement is completely and totally sealed from outside moisture a reactive stain (acid stain) is applied over the existing concrete surface. The stain reacts with the lime in the concrete giving a natural, organic and variegated earth tone colors. If the existing substrate is covered with glue, paint or cure & seal, a thin layer of concrete is applied and then it is stained. After the staining process is completed, the floor is sealed with a epoxy and polyurethane sealer.

    Interior Decorative Concrete for:
    Basements, Bathrooms, Factory Floors, Foyers, Garages, Kitchens, Showrooms, and Warehouses

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