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Custom Concrete Pool Decks

Backyard pools are loads fun. The entire summer spent enjoying family togetherness while getting exercise and fresh air! Your pool deck is a haven for you and a destination for others to relish! Let Indy Decorative Concrete provide a perfectly shaped and properly sized inviting pool deck area surrounding your pool.
We believe pool decks design deserve as much attention as an interior great room because they are perfect for entertaining. You need space for all you plan to do, like barbecuing, eating at large tables or on lounge chairs, talking around a fire pit, watching the kids swim or just sunbathing.

Are you interested in…

  • Turning your backyard into the center of all summer entertaining?
  • Pulling up to your home with a beautiful driveway?
  • Guests using your gorgeous walkway?
  • Your patio having as much character as your home?

Are you tired of…

  • Tripping on old walkways in disrepair?
  • Driving on a deeply cracked or pitting driveway?
  • Walking on your warping splintery wood deck?
  • Your current patio being too small for entertaining?
  • Playing basketball on street?

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