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      We are now offering a new sealer option! 

This penetrating sealer does not leave that plastic-like looking film!  It makes your concrete stamp appear more natural, is less slippery, does not bubble and still enhances concrete color!

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Commercial Flooring

Garage Floors

Interior – Basements, Foyers, and Flooring

Interior Decorative and Stamped Concrete adds lasting beauty and value to your Indianapolis home or business. There are many options to finish interior surfaces including hardwood flooring, tile, and carpet; however, these surfaces have disadvantages. Hardwoods are easily scratched and must be refinished, tile cracks and the grout becomes discolored, and carpeting quickly becomes stained and a cesspool of bacteria requiring constant cleaning. We have your floor! Decorative concrete does not harbor allergens. Decorative and stamped concrete can be so uniquely designed and so naturally colored that it blends seamlessly with other elements in a room. Often people do not realize they are standing on concrete!

Did you say the last time you were sopping up water out of your basement carpet due to sump pump failure or a plumbing leak that it was the last? Wouldn’t it be nice to know when it happens again that all you’ll need is a mop and bucket to clean up the mess?  Think of the exhaustion and money spent on drying wet carpeting or replacing damp molded carpet. We have your solution! Cleaning is simple even in areas where water is a concern or areas with snow or even sand.

We have your solution! Decorative and stamped concrete does not harbor allergens and cleaning is simple.

Interior Decorative and Stamped Concrete for:
Basements, Bathrooms, Factory Floors, Foyers, Garages, Kitchens, Showrooms, and Warehouses

Exterior – Patios, Pools, Driveways & More…

Exterior Decorative and Stamped concrete is the perfect solution for someone tired of gray concrete or dull colored concrete surfaces. Concrete doesn’t have to be boring. Decorative concrete can easily be the centerpiece of your property with the real look and color of stone, slate, and brick.  We offer applications that offer safe skid resistance too where standing water might be a problem like on walkways or pool decks.

Resurfacing and texturing concrete are beautiful, yet more affordable alternatives to concrete replacement. Installations require experience and inspiration not heavy machinery so there is no fear of a destroyed home, business or landscape our wide range of overlay services includes both interior and exterior flooring. Our highly experienced and trained employees will work with you from start to finish ensuring that the resurfacing project is completed to your satisfaction and within your budget and schedule. The cementious products we use are time tested and proven to be safe for interior applications and durable enough to handle the harsh freeze thaws we experience here in the great state of Indiana.

We specialize in finding the perfect design that you are desiring. We can turn your slab in to a beautiful piece of stamped concrete.

Exterior Decorative and Stamped Concrete for:
Driveways, Entryways, Patios, Pool Decks, Porches, Sidewalks, and Walkways

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